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5 Things You Want in a Family Law Attorney

Family law cases can be emotionally draining. You need someone who goes beyond just being an attorney who represents you. The best family law attorneys serve as counselors, confidants, and friends.

There are five specific characteristics that every family law attorney should have:

1. Comfort

The client-attorney relationship is an intimate one. Your attorney will be privy to all of your most personal stories and documents, including financial and medical records, depending on the case. You should always hire an attorney who makes you feel completely comfortable.

2. Passion

Look for someone who has chosen to be a family law attorney because they truly care about helping their clients and are good at it — not because it’s a lucrative career. You want an attorney who feels passionate about fighting for what is right for you and your family.

3. Trust

The family law attorney you choose will be the one fighting for you in one of the most important and emotional fights of your life. They will likely know more about you than even your closest circle of family and friends. You have to trust them with your most personal information, and feel confident that they understand your case, and will do their best to work in your best interest.

4. Transparency

Many attorneys have vague billing practices, where they nickel and dime you, or drag something on so they can continue to charge you. Make sure the attorney you choose has transparent billing practices, and is upfront about the potential costs associated with your case. You want an attorney who can help you achieve your legal goals in a cost-effective manner.

5. Experience

Family law is multi-faceted — from calculating alimony or child support, to fighting with a judge in court, to helping you cope with the stress of what you’re going through. You want to hire an attorney who has extensive experience in all of these areas, and can help you navigate the process

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