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Will Troubles?

A probate dispute can be a difficult time, especially because family relationships can sometimes end up on the rocks when a will is involved. It can also be an emotional and complicated process to navigate, and you need someone with knowledge and experience to help you resolve the situation.

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When Mediation Fails

Mediation is a technique for resolving disputes in which a trained mediator sits down with both parties to a conflict and tries to help those parties work out a deal. During a divorce, many people first choose mediation to try and resolve their issues. More often than not, mediation works well, and both sides can come to an agreement. But there are many myths about what mediation can and can’t do for you. Here are some important things to understand about the mediation process:

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Injured? Need Service?

Accidents can happen anywhere — whether it’s a car crash, workplace accident, medical malpractice, or other mishap — and instantly change your life. Where negligence is involved, or someone is at fault, it can be important to have the right expert to guide you through the process.

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